Britain’s ‘Three UK’ selects TCS to accelerate its 5G rollout

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MUMBAI : UK based mobile network carrier ‘Three UK’ has selected Indian IT services form Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to configure its mobile network for its ongoing rollout of 5G services.

‘Three UK’ is in the process of deploying a new 5G radio access network which is already live in 175 towns and cities in the UK, across more than 1,000 sites, providing its customers with access to next generation 5G connectivity.

Started in 2003 as UK’s first 3G only network, ‘Three UK’ has currently over 10 million customers. It has the UK’s leading 5G spectrum holdings with more than the rest of the industry combined.

It selected TCS as its partner to manage the configuration of a new core next generation mobile network, and ensure it integrates correctly with the 5G radio access network. This work will include configuring the core network for new site deployments, site upgrades, performance management, and 3G and 4G tuning changes.

“TCS’ software will speed-up configuration checking and reduce manual errors, ensuring first time right network configuration. TCS is also providing 24×7 support across the network for configuration  corrections and ad-hoc site testing. These improvements will help Three deliver faster, secure and more reliable 5G services to its customers” said TCS.

“Three UK’s 5G roll-out is underpinned by our agility in bringing services to market. Our decision to partner with TCS was based on this need to deliver at pace whilst being flexible to changing demands. TCS were able to rapidly mobilise and are now embedded in our 5G delivery to support our 5G journey,” said Carlo Melis, Chief Networks Officer, Three UK.

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