Bhubaneswar ranked 32nd among top 50 smart cities Globally

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Bhubaneswar :  Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha has been ranked 32nd among the top 50 best Smart Cities of the world. The ranking was announced by Singapore-based Eden Strategy Institute on July 9, from a study conducted in partnership with Singapore-based ONG&ONG Experience Design that analyses the diverse approaches towards developing smart cities around the world.

The rankings were based on the 10 parameters like Clarity of Vision, Leadership, Budget, Provision of financial incentives, Support programmes, Talent-readiness, People-centric approach, Development of Innovation Ecosystem, Implementation of Smart Policies and Track Record of Previous Initiatives and Projects.

This is the first independent ranking of its kind that investigates the roles that city governments play in leading a Smart City strategy, beyond celebrating the technological attainments of the cities themselves.

Interestingly, while London is on the top of the list, Bhubaneswar with its rank 32 is well ahead of world cities like Dubai (40) and Paris (46). Among the other Indian cities, while Ahmedabad is in a tie with Bhubaneswar, New Delhi (23) and Surat (27) are followed by Jaipur (34) and Pune (36).

The Bhubaneswar Smart City Plan (SCP) redefines the concept of “Smart Cities” and outlines a citizen-driven vision for the future by using technology to help residents gain better access to city services, and improve the overall quality of life. Ranked first in the Government of India’s Smart City Challenge and made it to the final list for the World Smart City Awards in 2016 held at Barcelona, Bhubaneswar played a pivotal role in redefining and demystifying the concept of the smart cities movement in developing countries.

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