Poet Haldhar Nag : I create, therefore have to receive bouquets and brickbats


Bhubaneswar: Poet Padma Shri Haldhar Nag said that both the praise and the condemnation are part and parcel of the life of a poet since the poet plays the role of a creator in the society.

He welcomes all opinions expressed in the society, he said, taking part in the digital literary discussion organised by the Kalinga Literary Festival on Saturday.

Commenting on the frequent political debates and criticisms about the poet, he said that as a creator, the poet respects both honor and criticism. No political party should drag him into political debates, he said in the e-session during a conversation with acclaimed port Kedar Mishra.

‘God is the Creation of the Poet’

As the creator, a God is born and worshipped in the imagination of the poet. Mr. Nag said that Shriram is worshipped because of Balmiki and Lord Krishna is worshipped today because of Byasadev.

Poet’s unique imagination is different from traditional thinking. And therefore he sees extraordinary in ordinary matters and subjects, he opined.

On this occasion, the poet Mr. Nag expressed his views on various issues of society.

“While the whole world is suffering from the recent epidemic of Corona disease, it is the precautionary measures that will save lives from risks,” he said.

Similarly, untouchable discrimination alienated him at a young age, and that was the inspiration for his untouchable poetry called “Achuaan”, he said.

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