COVID19 : India’s fatality rate is less than the World’s, but recovery rate is cause of concern


New Delhi: While India’s Coronavirus related fatality rate is less than the world average, the cause of concern is, India’s recovery rate is far less than the global rate of 22 percent.

India’s number of COVID19 cases has jumped to 5865 which includes 5218 active cases and 169 fatalities. In the meantime, 477 people have recovered from the infection as on 5 pm Thursday, the data released by Health Ministry said.

Worldwide, total number of cases has risen to 15.33 lakh by Thursday evening, which includes 89752 deaths and 3,37,517 recovery cases.

In percentage terms, off the total 5865 cases in India, 8 percent people have recovered whereas 2.8 percent people have died. Worldwide, the fatality rate is 5.85 percent and recovery rate is 22 percent. So though India’s Corona fatality rate is less than the world average, the recovery rate is way below the world average.

Let’s compare India’s fatality rate and recovery rate with the worst affected countries in world. In US, the recovery rate is 5.2 percent and fatality rate is 0.3 percent. However, at 12% the fatality rate is the highest in Italy followed by Spain with 10% fatality. Meanwhile, at 34%, the recovery rate in Spain is the highest followed by Italy with 19% recovery rate.

As per latest reports ( , USA’s  total number of cases has risen to 435,160, which includes 14797  deaths and 22891 recoveries. Span’s total number of cases has increased to 152,446 including 15238 deaths and 52,165 recoveries. Italy’s total cases have increased to 139422 including 17,669 deaths and 26491 recoveries.

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