MOIL hikes Manganese Ore prices upto 15%

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Bhubaneswar: Public sector Manganese Ore producer MOIL has raised Manganese Ore prices upto15% from 1st January.

 The prices of all Ferro grades of manganese ore having Manganese Mn-37% and above have been increased by 10 % and all the other Ferro grades of Manganese Ore having Manganese below Mn-37% have been increased by 15 % on the prices prevailing since 1st December 2020.

Similarly, the prices of all SMGR grades (Mn-30% & Mn-25%) and all grades of Fines have been increased by 15% on the prices prevailing since 1st December 2020.  The prices of all grades of chemical grades of manganese ore have been increased by 10% on the prices prevailing since  1st December 2020  .

Meanwhile, the basic price of Electrolytic Manganese Di-oxide (EMD) has been continued as prevailing since  1st December 2020  .

 Ferro Manganese/Ferro Manganese Slag and some identified grades of Manganese Ore will continue to be sold by e-auction as well as through Metal Mandi (M3) of MSTC, in line with the existing policy.

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