JSW Steel Hosts World Steel Association Delegation for 17th Environment Committee Meeting at Vijayanagar Works


JSW Steel, the leading integrated steel producer in India, recently hosted and warmly welcomed the esteemed World Steel Association (worldsteel) Delegation for the 17th Environment Committee (ECO) Meeting in Bhubaneswar. This significant event took place at the state-of-the-art Vijayanagar Works, which stands as the largest single-location integrated steel-producing facility in Karnataka, India. The delegation from worldsteel consisted of distinguished members who brought valuable expertise and leadership to the 17th Environment Committee (ECO) Meeting.

Heading the delegation was Mr. Jose Fonrouge, Chairman of the Worldsteel Environment Committee (ECO), along with Mr. Andrew Purvis, Director of Sustainable Manufacturing, and Ms. Åsa Ekdahl, Head of Environment and Climate Change. Their presence exemplified worldsteel’s unwavering commitment to driving sustainable practices and promoting environmental responsibility within the global steel industry. Representing the JSW team with great pride was Mr. Prabodha Acharya, Chief Sustainability Officer of JSW Group.

The ECO meeting saw a total of 32 delegates from various parts of the globe attending in person, while an additional 30 members joined the meeting virtually. This collaborative gathering fostered meaningful discussions and furthered the shared vision of advancing environmentally conscious initiatives in the steel industry.

The event commenced with a keynote address delivered by Mr Jayant Sinha, Member of Parliament (Upper house), India, and former Minister of State for Finance and Civil Aviation in the Government of India. Mr Sinha emphasized the urgent need for environmental advocacy and global efforts to combat climate change. He emphasized India’s commitment to becoming a net-zero nation by 2070, highlighting the requirement of a capital investment of approximately 2-3 trillion dollars.He emphasized the need for embracing innovative approaches and breakthrough technologies to mitigate climate change challenges.

Mr PK Murugan, President of JSW Steel Vijayanagar& Salem Works, warmly welcomed and addressed the delegation, underlining the steel industry’s continuous efforts to build a sustainable future through innovation, cutting-edge technology, and research and development. He emphasized the company’s focus on reducing water consumption, waste generation, and carbon footprint. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of fostering a sustainability culture within the industry through responsible corporate citizenship and a robust policy and regulatory framework.

Mr Andrew Purvis, Director of Sustainable Manufacturing, worldsteel, expressed his appreciation to JSW Steel for hosting the ECO Meeting and hospitality. His gratitude was reflective of the collaborative spirit among industry leaders, who recognize the importance of sharing knowledge and leadingpractice to drive positive change. Mr Purvis highlighted the pressing need for environmental agility in today’s world. He emphasized the need for embracing innovative approaches and breakthrough technologies to drive the industry’s transition towards a net-zero steel industry and low-carbon future.

The three-day-long ECO Meeting covered several key themes and topics encompassing Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG). These included discussions on climate change, with a focus on the outcomes of COP-27 and the roadmap to COP-28. Breakthrough technologies, G7-related activities pertaining to the steel industry, data-based industrial decarbonization, and emission measurement for achieving a net-zero steel industry were also extensively deliberated upon. Additionally, the discussions encompassed Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (CCUS) technology and its applications in the steel industry, climate litigation, and international initiatives for climate change and the transition of the steel industry.

The World Steel Association’s annual Environment Committee meeting serves as a platform for experts within the membership to gather and exchange insights on environmental sustainability. JSW Steel takes pride in hosting such gatherings and encourages active participation from its global industry peers.

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