Green Buildings accelerate Odisha’s journey towards sustainable built environment


Bhubaneswar : The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is thrilled to announce the resounding success of the Green Odisha Conclave 2024, a groundbreaking event designed to spur innovation and collaboration towards the attainment of sustainable development goals. Held on April 10, 2024, in Bhubaneswar, this conclave convened a diverse spectrum of stakeholders from government, industry, academia and civil society to delve into and champion green practices and technologies.

In the face of pressing global imperatives to combat climate change and environmental degradation, the Green Odisha Conclave 2024 emerged as a pivotal platform for thought leaders and experts to exchange insights, strategies and best practices aimed at forging a greener and more sustainable future.

On this occasion, Er. Manoranjan Misra, Engineer in Chief (Civil) at the Works Department, Government of Odisha, underscored the urgency of addressing environmental concerns. He articulated, “Over the years, emissions have surged, with per capita emissions have reached 2 tonnes by 2022 in India alone. It is imperative that we embrace green building and sustainable projects as non-negotiable imperatives. We do not have any alternative to green buildings and green projects.”

Dr Pradipta Mohanty, Chairman, CII Odisha State Council and Chairman, SNM Group, emphasized the necessity of a collaborative approach to position Odisha as a beacon of green initiatives. He remarked, “To propel Odisha as a flagbearer of green initiatives, concerted efforts from all stakeholdersare indispensable. Prioritizing research and development are crucial for enhancing sustainable practices across sectors. Capacity building is imperative as Odisha experiences rapid growth, attracting key industries such as mining, steel and textiles. While these industries are vital for economic growth, they inherently pose risks to the environment. Mitigating these risks demands concerted action to reduce the ecological footprint of industries.”

In his opening remarks, Manoj Kar, Chairman of the IGBC Bhubaneswar Chapter, highlighted the urgency of addressing climate change. He expressed, “We are witnessing firsthand the repercussions of climate change, with cities like Bangalore grappling with severe water crises. As the first generation to experience the impacts of climate change, we bear the responsibility of rectifying this existential threat. The construction industry, currently contributing 8% of carbon emissions, must undergo a paradigm shift towards green building norms and sustainable practices to substantially reduce its carbon footprint.”

M Anand in his presentation showcased the key green concepts, best practices and cost saving for developing a green compliant building. He also showcased several remarkable projects being certified by IGBC across the country. India stands tall with 11.62 billion sqm registered green footprints through 13600 projects of various building typologies. In Odisha, over 100 projects are going green with IGBC.

Sofia Firdous Co Chair, IGBC Bhubaneswar Chapter shared closing remarks in the inaugural session. In a significant development, ArMananjaya Rath was elected as the new chairman and Sofia Firdous as Co-Chair of CII IGBC Bhubaneswar Chapter.

An interactive session moderated by Dy. Director, IGBC M Anand on ‘Unleashing sustainability’ saw eminent panellists such as Engineer in Chief, Works Department, Govt of Odisha Mr Manoranjan Mishra, IDCO CGM-Environment Mr Ashok Kumar Mishra, Airport Director, Biju Pattanaik International Airport Prasanna Pradhan and BMC City Engineer Bikash Kumar Behera.

The programme was supported by the local chapter of CREDAI, IIA, IIID and ISHRAE which was attended by over 175 key stakeholders from government departments, building industry and corporates.

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