Servotech Power Systems to to foray into Sports sector, forms new subsidiary


New Delhi : Servotech Power Systems Ltd., a leading name in the EV charging and solar energy industry, has announced its foray into the sports industry. The company has formed a new subsidiary “Servotech Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.” that is dedicated to sports sector, events and promotion.

Envisioning transformative change, the subsidiary aims to empower athletes, promote inclusivity, elevate the sporting experience, and inspire a new generation of enthusiasts. This strategic move marks a prominent milestone for Servotech Power Systems, symbolizing a bold step towards diversification and expansion. Servotech Sports and Entertainment aims to create a space where various sports can thrive and develop at both grassroots and professional levels, aligning seamlessly with Servotech’s vision of growth and innovation. Additionally, Servotech aims to capitalize on the sporting fervor, its immense popularity, and global appeal to strengthen its brand presence and connect with a wider audience base. This strategic alignment presents an exciting opportunity for Servotech to extend its reach beyond its industry boundaries and tap into new avenues of success and engagement, establishing itself as not just a leader in the EV charging and solar energy sectors, but also as a prominent player in the sports industry.

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