Ramco Systems brings its virtual assistant CHIA to WhatsApp

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Chennai :  After rolling out its virtual assistant on Microsoft Teams, Skype and Slack,  enterprise software provider, Ramco Systems, in partnership with Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform, has announced the availability of Ramco CHIA Virtual Assistant on WhatsApp Business solution.

Powered by the Nexmo Messages API, Ramco CHIA is an Artificial Intelligence driven Virtual Assistant which uses Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to simplify day-to-day HR activities via the WhatsApp Business solution offered by Nexmo, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

“Virtual Assistants have truly revolutionised the enterprise applications space. What started as a simple support window is now moving towards becoming the defacto UI for all ERP transactions. In fact, at Ramco, we believe that almost 70% of all enterprise transactions can be carried out by conversations. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, virtual assistants have been infused with cognitive capability that understands the user and prompts them with details even before they ask. Having made some great progress with our virtual assistant, we are excited to bring Ramco CHIA on WhatsApp Business via Nexmo – the world’s most popular messaging application. Being available on a platform that is most accessed by the millennial workforce is key to increasing the adoption. We will continue to focus on our end goal of Zero UI by keeping our R&D as a priority” Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said

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