Ola working on autonomous vehicles, releases a video of ‘Ola Solo’

“Not just an April fools joke! : Bhavesh


Biznextindia: After dominating in the two wheeler EV space, OLA is now working on a ambitious project- autonomous vehicles. The company has already developed a prototype of its electric scooter ‘ OLA SOLO’. On April1, the company has shared a video of the OLA SOLO.

“Not just an April fools joke! We announced Ola Solo yesterday. It went viral and many people debated whether it’s real or an April fools joke! While the video was meant to provide a laugh to people, the technology behind it is something we’ve been working on and have prototyped. It shows the kind of pioneering work our engineering teams are capable of. Ola Solo is a glimpse into the future of mobility and our engineering teams are working on autonomous and self-balancing tech in two wheelers which you’ll see if future products from us” writes Bhavesh Agrawal, founder of OLA.


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