Multinational Insurance Company to Upgrade Majesco Policy for P&C from On-Premise to Majesco CloudInsurer™

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Biznextindia – Cloud Insurance software solutions provider Majesco (NASDAQ: MJCO) on Friday announced that Multinational Insurance Company based in Puerto Rico will upgrade Majesco Policy for P&C from on-premise to Majesco CloudInsurer™ to bolster their growth strategy. The move to CloudInsurer™ will deliver content, speed and scalability for their commercial lines operation. Multinational Insurance has been a customer of Majesco’s since 2012 and is one of twenty Majesco customers in Puerto Rico.

“Multinational’s growth strategy demanded our ability to rapidly adapt to market opportunities, innovate and scale,” commented Mary Vargas, Vice-President Information Technology & Systems. “Majesco has been a stalwart partner of ours and has developed a stellar reputation in Puerto Rico for their robust cloud-based platform that delivers speed and value. Our commitment to deliver excellent customer service that guarantee the tranquility and well-being of our clients is based on two key pillars – sophisticated technology and highly competent staff. Majesco’s next generation technology delivers on the first pillar with leading-edge business capabilities and cutting-edge technical architecture that delivers on our commitment to our customers. We look forward to our deepening and expanding partnership with Majesco.”

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