eMudhra Becomes a Member of the CA/Browser Forum

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BiznextIndia : eMudhra, a licensed Certifying Authority under the Ministry of Information Technology, India, announced that they are now a member of the Certification Authority Browser Forum, also known as CA/Browser Forum — a prestigious consortium of Certification Authorities and vendors of internet browser software, operating systems, and other PKI (Encrypted) applications that promulgates industry guidelines governing the issuance and management of X.509 v.3 digital certificates.
Consisting of 40+ Certifying Authorities and 6 Internet browser software vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Google, Opera, and Qihoo 360, the forum operates with the goal of improving the way in which digital certificates are used to provide convenience and security to internet users. Governed by CA/Browser Forum Bylaws, the guidelines issued by this consortium cover certificates used for the SSL/TLS protocol and code signing, as well as system and network security of Certificate Authorities.
Commenting on this occasion, Mr. V. Srinivasan, Chairman – eMudhra, said, “I am excited that eMudhra is the first body from India to become a member of the CA/Browser Forum. I feel that participation in such forum will be highly valuable from a learning perspective and towards shaping the future technologies relating to PKI.”

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