COFTEA adding a fresh perspective on Coffee & Tea

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Bhubaneswar : Coftea, a brand from Chhaparia Marketing Private Limited (CMPL) – the manufacturers and marketers of tea/ coffee vending machines and very healthy and tasty pre mixes. Kolkata-based Chhaparia Marketing Private Limited (CMPL) is earning a name for itself by delivering vending machines of international standards to an impressive list of clients on a pan India level.
With an existing distribution network operating in Bhubaneswar, the brand plans to expand its reach to all the major cities and towns in Odisha.
Ankit Chhaparia, MD, CMPL believes that everyone deserves a thoughtfully sourced, skilfully roasted and properly brewed cup of tea and coffee. He says, “We are just doing that by serving a host of pre-mixed flavours (Masala tea, Karak plain tea premix, low sugar coffee premix, low sugar, cardamom tea etc.) which are high on health and taste both. Our range is ideal for health-conscious people who don’t want to compromise on their tea and coffee intake because of health reasons.”
CMPL has the capacity of producing 500 tons per annum pre-mixed tea and coffee, which is produced under the most hygienic conditions, conforming to the FASSAI standards. It utilizes modern technology and a skilful workforce. The premixes are precision packed to keep them fresh for a longer period of up to six months.
CMPL offers a range of vending machines, making them an ideal choice of some very small and very big companies alike, like 2-lane (Cute model), 2-lane (Robo model), 3-lane (Robo model), 4-lane (Robo model), 2/3-lane (Joy model), q007 commercial, t100 commercial and 4-lane (Hot and Cold model).
Coftea, practices stringent quality standards for which compliance is verified through regular audits and self-assessments. These standards ensure that they design, manufacture and supply products that are safe, excellent in quality, and conform to the relevant industry and regulatory standards.
Ankit aspires to take their COFTEA brand to new heights, without losing the focus on their customer’s aspirations, with whom they constantly engage to innovate and perform
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