Blue Star launches 75 new air conditioner models

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Bizznext India : Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star Limited, has launched 75 new models of room air conditioners in its Platinum Jubilee year. These models also include energy-efficient inverter ACs capable of delivering 30% extra cooling over and above its rated capacity. This enables faster temperature pull-down even in largerrooms during peak summers thereby consuming less power and leading to significant savings on account of lower electricity bills. This superior performance is due to Blue Star’s unique heavy duty design of the outdoor unit that weighs around 46 kg for a 1.5 ton 5-star inverter AC. The range of these inverter ACs starts from Rs 33,790.

Blue Star has also unveiled a new line-up of super-efficient inverter ACs with a high ISEERof 5.30 which consumes 18% less power compared to the existing 5-star ACs with an ISEER of 4.50, thus setting a new benchmark on the energy-efficiency front.

Blue Star has also launched a new range of air coolers under its ‘Windus’ sub-brand which is equipped with a unique Cross Drift Technology that helps in faster cooling in harsh and dry summers. The range comes with different water tank capacities starting from 35 litres to75 litres and a price range from Rs 8,990 to Rs 13,490.

The company has also introduced a new range of innovative air purifiers with SenseAir Technology, along with Nano-e, Plasma, and UV purification systems. The price for these air purifiers ranges from Rs 8,990 to Rs 23,990.

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