TCS Launches MasterCraft” TransformPlus v4.0 with New Cognitive Features

The new product will Help Enterprises Modernize Applications while Ensuring High Quality and Reducing the Risk of Business Disruption

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 MUMBAI : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Monday announced that it has launched TCS MasterCraft'” TransformPlus 4.0, a major upgrade of the product, with new cognitive features for analysis and modernization of legacy applications. The new release will help enterprises embarking on digital transformation journeys further reduce the risk of business disruption and ensure high quality outcomes.

TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus is an intelligent automation product for end-to-end enterprise application modernization, supporting a wide range of programming languages in the market, from legacy to modern technologies. Capabilities include code analysis, business rules extraction and documentation, requirements modeling, specification-driven generation of code, microservices and configuration scripts, application cloud migration and enterprise data migration. TransformPlus has analyzed more than 1 billion lines of legacy code so far, extracted business rules, and documented them for business reference and decision-making.

TransformPlus v4.0 is further enriched with cognitive features that automate the creation of functional specification documentation and extraction of business rules and data lineage. TransformPlus’ patented analysis engines and transformation workbenches help organizations assess their current applications, understand the magnitude of change required for modernization, analyze the impact of the change, and take informed decisions.

“Our reseorch suggests 75% of enterprises plon to proactively invest in modernizing their systems,” soid Yugal Joshi, Vice President, Everest Group. “Enterprises seek solutions to automote ond industriolize the processes to extroct business rules, data, and functionolities from legacy systems not only to improve timeto-market, but also to increose business confidence in modernizotion initiotives.”

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