STL unveils Intellza – an AI-powered Business Intelligence Solution

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BiznextIndia : Date network solutions provider Sterlite Technologies Ltd. (STL) , unveiled Intellza – its next-generation business intelligence solution, at the recently concluded TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2019 in Nice, France. The solution maximises engagement through AI-based predictive modelling of customers’ journey. The
innovative solution was validated in the event by leading telcos – Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

STL’s AI-powered business insights and data analytics solution empowers telcos to bring deep personalisation, assess the performance of newly launched products, gauge customers’ expectation and
help introduce relevant products with minimal risks, opening up new revenue streams.

“Integrating AI solutions is complicated. Integration has to be done at two levels: technical and business, the latter being more challenging. Quick integration without hindering the running of business processes
is critical. When we demoed the solution, the technical integration was straight forward and done quickly using REST technologies. The AI decision engine was used in its vanilla state, and worked very well. The
overall architecture includes data lakes, analytics and decision engine, and is utilised as a modern toolset,” said Lucius Gruber, Enterprise Architect at Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH. “The cooperation with
STL has been great, I have enjoyed working with the team,” he added.

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