Havells India launches India’s first Water Purifier with pH balance and Natural Mineral Fortification capability

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Indore : Addressing the main yet widely overlooked issue of contaminants from industrial & agriculture wastes polluting drinking water sources, Havells India Limited today unveiled a range of unique water purifiers capable of handling new age pollutants. These purifiers maintain the pH balance in water and add various essential minerals and trace elements lost during the reverse osmosis (RO) process.

A large part of Madhya Pradesh is facing water crisis because of depleting water-table and discharge of pollutants in water bodies. This has led to contamination of the ground and perhaps surface water sources as well making it unsafe for human consumption. A series of reports over the years have highlighted that many of the ground water sources in the region are perilously contaminated of hazardous chemicals, nitrates, iron, fluoride and salinity. This problem emanates as a results of water contamination by industrial effluents, untreated sewage discharge, rampant use of fertilisers in agriculture, etc. Havells range of technologically advanced water purifiers are designed to safely address these issues across varied geographies.

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